Useful acronymns 101! Thank you!

Neo-Cephalopod-Cramming! Now that does sound useful if lit ever starts to drag!

Hope you all stay well. May God bless us all with a peaceful and joyful autumn.

I think Kevin and Becky have a house in Philly. Closing September 11 (!!!). Wedding preparations have been in full swing and very demanding, but things are falling into place. God is very good.

Well, well, well. Mommy and Daddy’s little “very end of the summer romantic getaway on the sailboat” …. I had hoped to post a really nice picture of the two of us sipping wine cooler as the sun set in the background (and put it up as my wallpaper as a fond reminder of a wonderful time). “The Wreck of the Hesperus” would be more apt, or maybe “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

Maybe someday I will write up the story of Thursday and Friday. We haven’t even told it to the kids. Suffice it to say for now that I have never been seriously scared and full of tension and anguish for twelve to fourteen hours straight before in my life. I hoped to get Faye back safe, but was not at all sure about the boat. And several verses from the book of Acts about storms and wrecks at sea took on much more meaning, like “they cast four anchors astern and prayed for dawn.” By God’s good mercy we are both back safe, plus the van (minus one window), plus the boat. Faye said, “Steve, let’s wait to process this and draw conclusions till after the wedding, okay?”


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