Elizabeth, I liked your first post, since removed. It was like seeing inside your mind and finding it stimulatingly funny and poignant, terrible and delightful and sad all at once. I’d enjoy reading a book titled, A Running Commentary on Life, by Elizabeth Hake. Even if it made me sad I think I would laugh out loud, and then say, “huh” and then frown and then sit quiet for a minute. And if that reaction isn’t the apple of any satirical author’s eye, I don’t know what…

Kevin and I have decided to work on our politeness skills. I took the test and failed completely because I’m too “honest”. We’ve decided I have to work on that! We got some books out of the library, the best and funniest of which was written by Judith Martin, aka. Miss Manners. Hopefully we’ll make some progress in that area and you all can make as much fun of us as you like. :-r

Sadie is in Miami Beach this weekend with Noni, visiting my cousin Olivia who just began med school there this summer. Sadie’s hitting the beaches and the pools and being spoiled rotten, I’m sure.  Kevin, Orlando, and I are continually marveling at the quietness of this old place when empty of that fountain of energy and spirit.

Still no word for us on the job hunt front. We do feel the desire growing even stronger to have a little place of our own soon, but are trusting God to provide it if He likes as we do not see any doors open yet.

We miss all of you. Sadie is already talking eagerly about when Aunt Becky is going to marry Daddy and she will get to see her Grandma Pookie again. She hasn’t quite gotten the Kevin/Daddy/Uncle Radman distinction down yet. We’re all looking forward to seeing you guys even if it is for such a short, hectic time. We love you!

Jessica, Kevin, Orlando and Tippy

PS Sadie took a different doll down to Miami and Odie has been developing a pretty keen love interest in the poor deserted Weezy. He may be inspired to write a little sonnet for her one day and we’ll be sure to share it with you all if he does.

PPS We are number 12 on the waiting list for the last vampire romance novel in the series at the library, so in the mean time we’re wiling away the hours with “The D Case” and enjoying it very much. The two authors live in Turin, which is the town we spent two weeks in before we were married.

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