We have been home now for nearly a week! Even with sickness and tiredness, it has been wonderful to be home again. We had such a blessed, fun, wonderful, and hopefully even fruitful summer, and enjoyed our times with all of you tremendously!

Joel has been working really hard getting ready for the school year. We created a work space in the corner of our bedroom to be his “office” at home– now that he will be doing some teaching from here and have a lot more work he needs to bring home, he really needed a space somewhere. He needed to move into a new room at the school, which took a lot of work. He has also had a lot of meetings and such (the school has been going through some changes with people in administration, and there is lots going on.) We were very thankful to find out when we got back that the highschool will be keeping him on full time, which allows us to keep our health benefits. Also, yesterday, he found out he can take off the day before Becky’s wedding, so we are excited to buy our plane tickets! Poor Joel still also needs to work off our debt for our van, and build some big book shelves!

The kids and I have been working more slowly on the home front. We are all almost completely well now, which is a welcome relief. Both kids, and especially Micah, have seemed to need extra sleep as they recover from the flu and long summer of travel. We are trying to get prepared to launch a good schedule for the whole family and simple little school year for Talia. We’ve needed to do a little re-organizing of the house both in recovery from the summer and in preparation for the new baby– and I still haven’t finished that– there are big colorful plastic storage boxes still stacked in the living room that I need to finish loading stuff into.

We’re praying for you all and love you!

Note: for some reason my computer did not show up the last several posts on the blog, until I posted mine, and then they all popped up at once. Confusing. Jesse, I thought your original analogy of putting an octopus in a briefcase was clever and descriptive– and I could imagine how your current pursuit could feel like that! I’m eager in the future to start learning more about this rhetoric octopus that I have heard so much about in the last few years. Maybe I’ll start by trying to read your text book!

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