Joel, thanks for posting some pics and sharing a bit about your time in Liberia. We’re praying for the last stretch of your trip.

Jessica, it was really nice to read something from you on here! πŸ™‚

Sorry about the sickness in WV. Sorry we can’t pop on over to help out.

I was so excited to just happen to see The D Case at the library one day when I wasn’t looking for it, wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but spotted it there on the shelf and remembered Dad & Mom talking a bit about it. Anyway, I have quite a bit of free time at work usually (yes, right now I am typing during my “dinner break”). Sadly, I do not have a fully functional brain at night, even though it is when I am typically awake for half my awake time each day. It took me six attempts over three nights to get through the first page and a half! πŸ™ All I kept thinking was, “What is up with these stupid talking umbrellas?! Who are these stinkin Italian authors? I hate Dickens; I can’t believe his wife didn’t murder the bum.” [I had to hate the Italian guys, AND Dickens, because I didn’t know who was writing the opening part.] πŸ™‚ Well, one morning, I thoughtlessly picked it up again, and the words instantly made complete sense and were interesting and not at all annoying! πŸ™‚ So, I will just have to read the book during hours when people are supposed to be awake, and not when I have night brain. I described this all to Jesse the other day, and was genuinely AMAZED when he picked it up and read the first bit out loud, obviously understanding everything easily and completely right off! πŸ™‚ ha ha ha. I take for granted how I am really, really killing my brain with the hours I am forced to keep. A couple months ago I read some book about Abraham Lincoln, however, without any trouble. And it was fascinating to boot. Maybe I have night brain, combined with a love-hate relationship with Dickens and anything related to him.

This weekend my parents are visiting and we’re meeting up with my Uncle and Aunt at City Island in Harrisburg to watch a minor league baseball game, the Senators. We haven’t been since we’ve been living here. Haven’t really been interested AT ALL. Recently, though, I concluded that I WANT a sports team to root for. To follow. To like. I have concluded that it will be beneficial to the emotional health and well-being of my family (as in Jesse, me, Nessa, Tobias, etc.). For years and years now I have spurned buying clothing or anything else with any writing on it. I have spurned rooting for anything or claiming publicly to like or be a fan of anything in particular. But now I feel that is all wrong, and I suddenly want to champion the cause, or at least name, of some thing(s). I suddenly want to paint statements on my t-shirts like, “chocolate,” “sushi,” “whole wheat,” “Annie Dillard,” “ragdoll cats,” “sled dogs,” “local produce,” “organic education, “Alan Rickman,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “Toyota,” “Louis Armstrong,” “CCA.” I want to admit to liking certain things. πŸ™‚ Maybe because I feel boring and bland lately, like I need a hobby or passion, but I don’t have time or money for one. So at least I can root for my home team, right? πŸ™‚ I think this is going to work a miraculous change in my outlook on life!

I will now stop writing to myself on the family blog. πŸ™‚ [you’re welcome]

Praying for you all!

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