We were very sorry to hear about the hardships you Northern Hakes are experiencing lately. Especially little Elsie. We’ve been praying for you in particular since we read about it.

Kevin was supposed to be off from work this week, unpaid, but at the last minute they asked him to come in this week. This is good for us of course, but on the other hand Kevin had the week’s schedule absolutely packed with odds and ends that desperately need to be done, and now he’s very burdened wondering how it will all happen. Still, it is best that he’s working this week and we are grateful.

Sadie and I went to WalMart this morning. Quite the outing for us homebodies! I took her first to the babydoll section hoping against hope that they may have a doll similar to Weezy there. It turns out that for only $3.50 anyone can have the privilege of owning a Weezy, albeit her clothing has evolved. I took one off the shelf and handed a new Weezy doll to Sadie. When she saw it her eyes lighted up and she said with drama and truth and passion in her voice, “Oh Weezy, I found you. I love you so much, Weezy. I don’t want to loose you, Weezy!” as she gave her a big hug. She carried Weezy all over the store talking to her and putting her to sleep in odd places of the shopping cart. All during this afternoon she has taken wonderful and sweet care of the doll. It is really nice to have Weezy home again. 🙂

That was Sadie’s “very, very good” moment for the day. Next on the agenda was Ms. Hyde. If Orlando were the type to get pride and pleasure from showing off his cuts and bruises he would be a very satisfied young man just now. Usually we catch Sadie before she does stuff to him, but today she toppled him over in a bouncer and he got WONKED so well that even Kevin almost caved in and took him to the emergency room. Poor Sadie got a good whopping for it, and the four of us were practically all in the same state of mind for a while. It’s better now.

On the other hand, Sadie is usually very sweet to Orlando playing with him and saying that she loves him, feeding him cheerios. He’s started to eat, or something like it, bananas and Honey Nut Cheerios.

We are happy to assume that Joel returned to his wife and children safely and well! Eager to hear about the trip!

Thank God, our house is rented out for a year beginning the last 2 weeks of this month!

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