Back from the backwoods–what a week!

Faye mentioned the illness. Hard! She’s struggling–please do pray, as she requested.

We did a lot, though we had to leave things in a bit more disarray than we would have liked. The roof got finished. Huge project in the big “dorm room,” kitchen/pantry purged big time. Beginning on all the bedding, etc. Huge load to dump. Bonfire one night in which I burned probably fifteen gross mattresses, huge rug, underlayment, all the big wall logs from the library door opening, and much more! Finally went to bed after midnight. Fire still burning in the morning! Kids did kayaking and rafting. Found a go-cart belt and kids did lots of go-karting. Worked very, very hard.

Got home early Sunday morning. Listened to big hunk of the last HP book in the van. Helped a lot. Very Tired!

Thank you for fixed picture, Luke! Put up some sailboat pics! Also “work week” if you have any.

Isaac opened and emptied a bunch of really gross Y2K and earlier cans of stuff and filled three huge buckets. Wanted to take disgusting pictures with spoons. Samuel and I ended up dumping them on Saturday, and Samuel stepped in the one he was carrying. Put up any pics you have, Bump!

“Too much guys are pushing my buttons!” This is exactly the way Faye felt more than once this past week. šŸ™ !!!

The D Case is really fun! Highly recommended!

Elsie had a high fever very early this morning and was halucinating. Something about Isaac, Luke and Liesl and “boxes.” Sounds like you have the ability to do this even without having a fever, Nessa! (last words falling asleep, first words in morning! šŸ™‚

We love you all!!! God is good! Keep praying!!!

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