Fuzzies in nurseries should have light names. Little tikes too quickly reach an age when many of them think it’s funny to assign things dark, twisted names. A token, subconscious show of defense, perhaps, against the harsh world, like episodes of arrogance, ditziness, callousness, etc. are. Since you asked for votes, whether you really meant it or not, my vote is definitely no Mephistophiles for an infant’s stuffed giraffe. And no African demon, either (sorry, I have to disagree with you, Jesse). Let Orlando retain every inch, ounce, breath of “innocence,” honesty, openness, naturalness that he can. Now, a live pet is another matter altogether. 🙂 If you had a pet that exhibited any similar characteristics to Mephisto, then it would certainly be appropriate to name it that. 🙂

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