Luke, thanks for posting something. Can’t wait to hear more and see pics!

Kevin, we’ll keep praying. Did they give you any time frame for when they might get back to you one way or the other?

Dad, in case you read this before checking your email – I took the liberty of deleting the cell phone number you had posted on here, because this is not a private blog. Anyone in the world can read it. So I emailed Bump the phone number. Hopefully I had the right address for him. Anyway, I can’t imagine that would offend you, but I just wanted you to know why that part of your post is missing. 🙂

We had a lovely weekend at the Milton Hershey School. There were no students until Sunday evening, so we had Friday night and all Saturday to ourselves. It was like a little vacation. The full-time houseparents recently got a beagle, and Nessa was in “heaven” dog-sitting for them. We also spent a lot of time with friends of ours who also relief houseparent there. Nessa and Tobin played with their two young boys a lot, and they all enjoyed the dog, as well as the school’s awesome pool. Jesse and Grant (mostly Grant) began plotting out buying a very, very small farmstead together and living communally, growing and selling organic produce, having some goats and chickens, etc. Grant already set up a walk-thru with Jesse and a realtor TONIGHT of a place that’s for sale. 🙂 Grant also has a second place that’s for sale in his sights. The first place is near a land-fill, and the second place has asbestos. 🙂 LOL. Neither are very good for SELLING organic produce. I have mixed feelings about communal living, especially since I recently decided that I wasn’t a communist anymore. 🙂 But they have lived that way before, except before they had kids. Anyway, Jesse and I are actually discussing it as a serious consideration (not as a way to save money, but just because). That fact in and of itself amuses me to an extraordinary degree. 🙂 We also enjoyed brief visits throughout the weekend with the full-time houseparents, who have two young boys just a bit older than Nessa. They seem like a neat Christian family, and they homeschool, too.

Tobin’s words: uh-oh, ball, siren sound, barking sound, Dadda, Momma, turtle, gecko, door, cracker, dog.

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