Fun to hear from the traveling crowd! Which of the San Juan Islands did you guys stay on? Jess and I have some fond memories of those islands from our honeymoon. Although, I’m sure your guys’ experience in the summer was different from ours in the winter.

Jess and I have been very busy working on our Palm Bay house to get it ready for the next renters and helping a couple other people we know who have tackled very large house projects of their own and were a little over their heads.

My trip to Lockheed Martin in Ft. Worth went pretty well after I finally got there Monday night. Thanks for praying. The interview went smoothly and I felt like I was fairly well qualified for the job. They said they would hopefully be looking for some one to start in the September time frame and we would be living in Ft Worth for a couple of months for training, then moving to the Patuxent River facility in the December/January time frame. We’ll see what comes of it. I guess there are probably a lot of very qualified people looking for work these days.

I think we’re just about ready to buy our plane tickets for the family reunion. It looks like we’ll probably be flying Allegiant Air into Hagerstown. Hopefully that won’t be too much trouble.

Well, I better get my butt in gear. We’re supposed to be at Sarah’s house to hang cabinet and closet doors in an hour. We love you all. Looking forward to seeing you in just about one week!

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