Well, it is still quiet around here, but for different reasons!

Becky is off to visit Kevin in North Carolina till tomorrow. I’m puzzled that she hasn’t said anything. She’s very excited. I’ll keep my mouth shut!

And we took “The Beans” to the airport yesterday! “The Trip” begins today, if I’m not mistook. Very eager to hear their news!

Our Rivendell Week was wonderfully blessed. We ignored the work and just goofed off. Read aloud quite a bit (finished Inkheart, a pretty hefty book, at the airport yesterday just in time for Isaac, Luke and Liesl to catch their plane! The book was okay, but not fabulous.), kayaked, g0-carted, hiked, colored pictures, and relaxed. Mommie and I cut a little grass for fun! Isaac and me had a wonderful time Monday at Grove City orientation. Left here at three thirty a.m. I couldn’t help with the driving! Grove City is a great school and Isaac will do well there and have a great experience.

It’s my “turn” to work uninterrupted and I should be doing PHC, not “blogging,” but I had to peek. Mommy is upstairs with E & E. We are taking turns. Should be good for everyone! Pray for us! In a certain sense, it’s a peek at the future (!).

Praying like crazy for all of you. Happy you could have such a nice trip to Maine. We too had a wonderful one day farm visit, but obviously missed you all.

Your question, Elizabeth (my answer will have to be brief):

“Dad, would you think that of all the people who have ever died of hunger or exposure, they could not have been Christian? Or would you believe that they did not accept God’s ways of providing and that is why they died in such a way? Or is that promise intended for God’s people as a whole, but is not meant as a promise to individuals? This is a genuine question; I’m very interested in your answer.”

I think it is perfectly possible that believers died in such ways (and torture, etc., Hebrews 11). That by no means indicates a lack of faith or obedience on their part (those listed in Hebrews 11 were heroes and heroines of the faith), or means that there is anything wrong with God’s promises (like Matthew 6:33), that they are “generic” and not personal, etc. The huge way in which we are blessed is through all of eternity in a perfect universe. Though God numbers the hairs on our heads and cares for us wonderfully in this brief earthly life, we still get sick, get hurt, hunger, thirst, age and die. Outwardly wasting away, inwardly renewed…. Doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us. Indeed, He uses the most painful things in wonderful ways in our lives (James 1, and many other passages). The point of what I said to Kevin is we are called to put God first, and trust Him. Like Job (“Though He slay me, yet ….”). We won’t lost out if we do so, and looking back on our lives from heaven, we will see how true all of His promised turned out to be (Romans 8:28 and all the rest!). We see that now, clearly, but sometimes (like Job) get discouraged and our faith and understanding wobble (Psalm 73–“”my feet almost slipped” vs. 1, “till I entered the sanctuary” vs. 17).

Maybe we can talk more about this during the family reunion!

Love you all!

(Be hard to have all that whole trip crowd offline for three weeks!)

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