Well, during our weekend in Maine Jesse and I photographed ourselves more than the kids! I don’t think that’s ever happened before. We had a really nice time. Nessa and Tobias stayed with my Mom and sister while we were at my friend’s wedding all Saturday. Then my Dad and brother went with them to the beach where we met up with them right before supper time. There had been a dozen or so pairs of mating horseshoe crabs before we joined them. I think they got pictures, hopefully, so we can share them once we borrow them. 🙂

Anyway, in addition to a good but brief visit with my fam, the wedding was also very wonderful. We’ll post a couple pics later. Amanda and Kevin wrote their own vows separately, memorized them, and waited until they said them at the actual wedding ceremony before sharing them with each other. They were very meaningful. There were other thoughtful and meaningful touches they added in the ceremony and at the reception to include Kevin’s 6-year-old daughter, whose mother is mostly out of the picture, so Amanda is practically adopting her. The reception was at a large cabin on the ocean, and was relaxing and nice (nice is not always a poor word choice). The best man pulled the lobster traps out that morning and they were steamed in seaweed right after the ceremony for 125 or so people that were there! The lobster tasted amazing! Jesse earnestly told me as we were taking in the whole scene that nothing had ever inspired him as much before to try to be wealthy and powerful! 🙂 So, there you have it. If we ever have money (ahem, we never will), then we will spend it living in Maine, ha ha!

Another highlight to our trip was returning in daylight instead of the wee, dark hours. So, we made a last-minute visit to The Farm. We visited mostly with Grandma Brown and Jo and her baby girl. Uncle Glen and Adam returned home from work right before we left. Wade returned home right before we swung by to see his cabin and growed-up puppy. And we saw Will and the two kids. Off the highway and back on in 2 hours. But, it was good just to see who we saw, even though it was so brief and incomplete.

Kevin, let us know what happens with the MD job application/interview, because then you would also be fairly close to us!

When does the cross-country trip begin?

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