Yeah, Peck. It does get quiet on here when the rest of the WV crowd is internet-less.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Nessa and Tobin in Maine! And of Elsie and Elaina catching crawfish!

I have a phone interview with Lockheed Martin for a position in Pax (actually Patuxawani or something like that) River in Maryland. It would be too far to live at Rivendell South (it’s SE of DC) but close enough to get together often. Please pray. It also looks like the new Piper owners are going to put some money into the jet project so it’s possible I won’t be off quite as much as the current shut down plan indicates if we wind up staying here.

And just to put people’s minds at rest, I am not developing a gambling habit. I bought 1 $1 ticket 1 time… 🙂 My aspirations of winning the lottery and being able to work the rest of my life scrubbing toilets and making beds are now completely dependent on the lottery tickets purchased for me by my heathen coworkers…

Well, better pack up for work so I don’t lose this job before securing another.

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