Isaac, Luke and Liesl stayed at the Wrights till way late last night! 🙂 I collapsed at eleven and they weren’t home yet. We almost called the Wrights. I think we can still leave this morning pretty much as early as we want. It’s quiet right now! Faye and me got ready last evening. The fact that we are only going to play helps a lot, ’cause I’m not thinking tools, etc. We’ve got some good outloud reading, and wishing that we had our Van PA system. We had one for a bit, and it was very nice. E & E are very excited: “goin’ to Wivendell!”

We love you all! Thank you so much for praying for us! Congratulations on being “almost done” Joel! The trip food sounds yummy! Not just “three cases of twinkies in the trunk and be done with it”???

Becky has big (good) news! She told us last night. Pray for her and Kevin!

I’m going to check the weather in Stevensville before I say goodby to the internet for the week!

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