Congratulations, Luke and Liesl! I did remember to pray for you this morning as you took the SATs. Glad the big closing party went well! Hope you alll have a wonderful trip to Rivendell!

Tonight Joel and I started making some meals to freeze for the trip! We finished a big batch of spaghetti sauce, and now we have the taco meat simmering. Joel is now working more on preparing his finals, and I am making ice tea concentrate with our fresh garden mint. I was also thinking of making the cowboy cookies tonight, but I might wait until closer to the trip. I’m afraid that if I make them now, they might get consumed before the trip. Its a dangerous world for cowboy cookies.

Well, my stomach has started to bulge out noticeably. Just thought I’d warn you all. As Talia was Chuckanut, and Micah was Butternut, we have been calling this baby Hazlenut. When the doctor listened the other day to the heart beat, he said, “Man. Noisy kid.”

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