Luke and Liesl took their bio SAT II this morning. When Liesl went in, I thought of the hilarious picture you drew, Kevin, of when you took one of those standardized tests in a room full of highschoolers who were shaving every day. Your feet didn’t reach the floor, and I think you had your “dee”! The picture was incredibly vivid and an absolute scream. When Goob came out, I yelled, “Hey, Goob!” and Becky shouted, “Dad, don’t call her that in public!” Oops! Then the big pool pizza bash. Lots of fun had by all….

Faye still has to do grades, but they are all done! Goob kept shaking her head and saying, “I can’t believe it!”

Five weeks of chhit-tho-ing (that’s “playing” in Taiwanese for you outlaws!)! Nobody can remember when that’s happened to the kids since they were E & E’s age!

Hope to leave early tomorrow morning. Pray for us! We love you!!!

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