Its lovely to see the family vacation pictures of Jesse, Elizabeth, Nessa, and Tobias! Its so great to see how Tobin’s been growing and changing– can’t wait to see him in a few weeks. In the two pictures where Elizabeth is sitting with Nessa and Tobin (one of them is the scrunchy face one), Tobin reminds me of toddler pictures of Kevin. 🙂 I’d love to see some more recent pictures of Orlando and Sadie too! Kevin and Jess, we’ll be praying for you guys as you job hunt!

Today was Joel’s last full day of teaching for the year! Next week is finals. And then we are all super excited for Summer! Joel is at the dentist now, and Talia and I are about to dive into a huge pile of housework while Micah is napping. I have been feeling much better (I’m down to throwing up roughly once every two days), and have a lot more energy, for which I am very thankful. But, the house work still has a tricky way of staying at least one step ahead of me. Today I think it has lapped me.

Talia and Micah playing with a bubble machine that they got for their birthday. Talia kept saying, happily, “This is insanity!”:

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