The kids and I enjoyed watching the wild videos at dinner tonight. Nessa was impressed by both but thought the flying looked fun and kept asking if she could do that one day.

My first day back at summer work went well.

This past weekend, we enjoyed a lovely time away at a cabin. Nessa has four tadpoles that are doing very well. I’ll have to snap a photo of her with her leopard gecko as well. She loves holding it and it is eating voraciously, so I suppose it must be doing well.

Luke your photos are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them! Congratulations on finishing up school soon everyone! What a fun cross-country trip you have to look forward to! Take lots of photos.

Kevin, we started watching Waking Ned Devine the other night and fell asleep but it looks like a fun movie and we look forward to finishing it some day. Your lottery comment reminded me of it.

Here is the smattering of camping photos:

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