Don’t start buying lottery tickets, Kev! God doesn’t need that, and He will provide!

Ditto on the videos. Inspiring, somehow. Might not feel that way if I knew those guys were married, even more so if they had kids. Still, like the Russian youth in Heart of Darkness, there is something inspiring about the “pure spirit of adventure”!

Luke, put up your best pic of E & E napping in the boat! Thanks!

We are praying like crazy for your job search, Kev. Not an easy time to be looking for work, but you are highly specialized, and it only takes one opening (the right one, like with marriage!).

Pray for this week. Luke, Liesl and Faye finish Latin, bio, all school. Big bio SAT Saturday morning! Then the big bio pizza pool bash. Plan to leave very early Sunday a.m. for a week at Rivendell North, ignore all the work and just relax to kick off the summer. Look forward to it. After that Isaac, Luke and Liesl vanish for three weeks till the Family Reunion (!!!). Happy they can do it! So this is the last week of “work” for the three of them before five weeks of play!

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