All those birthday wishes, pictures and video are so nice! Thanks to all of you! I don’t even know how you get such cool fonts and colors. I’m going to have too revisit my web-coding skills soon to keep up with all this fancy stuff.

We were only responsible for one student today at MHS so she came to church with us in the morning and then we all went to the art museum in Philly this afternoon, so Nessa will have to see all the online birthday greetings tomorrow morning (or later this morning I should say as it is just past midnight). But tomorrow is when we are celebrating today anyway. She was so thrilled to get home this evening and find several cards in the mail too. Birthdays are so much fun when you have kids to start enjoying them again. 🙂

I’m glad that you appreciated my speech. It was delightful to write and deliver, and I have received a lot of kind and encouraging feedback from it. Several times when I was practicing it at home, Tobin heard the part about him and started shouting “ball” and “uh-oh”!

We look forward to seeing the WV Hake tomorrow!

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