Wonderful grad speech, Jesse! Ten times better than the famous guy who gave ours! We read it for Bible time and were really blessed!

Glad Sadie liked our silly song, Kev and Jessica!

Happy Birthday to Everyone!

Well, we did our LOTR blast yesterday from roughly noon to midnight–watched all three extended films in a row. It was fun, but gave me a headache! 🙂 Also, after E and E watched the initial part about hobbits, the rest is way to tense and scary, so we had to figure out how to care for them while we holed up in the basement. They had fun, too, I think. Twelve hours of reading the books is a lot more kid friendly, and healthful all around! I told E and E that we looked forward to reading these (and lots of other good) books to them when they are “a little older,” but that there were lots of good books we enjoyed reading to them now, too.

Pray for everybody! We love you all a ton!!!

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