Here here! for the fun birthday posts– we agree with the sentiments completely! 🙂 I wrote mine in the middle of the night, after fighting my HTML web page design for hours fruitlessly.

Isaac, I turned in my web pages tonight at class. I tried many different things that I couldn’t get to work. I still definately don’t speak HTML :), but at least I’ve been exposed to a tiny bit of what its like using it.

Joel and I just got the kids to bed at almost 10. (Which is really late for our kids. Micah was miserably tired from missing his nap and being up so late.) Joel is sitting down to start his school stuff he has to have done for tomorrow, and I am hemmed in on all sides (not quite literally) by heaps of boxes and junk. Today I bit the bullet and organized the kids room again. Trying to fit our growing family and accompanying stuff into a small apartment is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle: if you put each thing in exactly the right spot, it all fits comfortably and beautifully, but you have to try many places for each thing before you find its perfect spot. And every time we accumulate anything new, the scheme can be thrown off. I had let the kid’s room (whole house actually) get disorganized ever since Christmas, and we don’t have room to let junk pile up. So, now the kids room is very organized and tidy. Almost perfectly so (*contented sigh). However, in the process I heaped the living room and our room full of about 20 cardboard boxes, most of which are empty, and some of which are stuffed with trash, and several of which are full of stuff to give away; and a few piles of stuff that is waiting to find a home somewhere else in the apartment.

Early tomorrow morning, one of the little toddlers I watch will be dropped off, so I will at least need to clear a walking path to the front door before I go to bed tonight.

Becky, we can’t wait until Thursday!! Its hard to believe you’ll actually be here!!

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