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Well, we did it. Bump and me sailed the boat. All day yesterday. It sails wonderfully–spreads its wings and flies. Very pleasant (though the weather wasn’t pleasant).

At one point we had to stop at a dock to ask directions. When relaunching the boat it got away with only me on it and Isaac still on the dock. I was under sail, and told him I couldn’t get back to that dock but would try for the neighbor’s. I was wondering if I would crash into it or if I could grab it I was went by. Meanwhile, Bump is walking, then walking fast, then running. Just as I swept up wondering my wonders Bump came up and jumped aboard. We never even stopped. I neither crashed nor grabbed. It was kinda like a movie. Good for you, Bump! No pictures! But Bump did hook up the stereo and we listened to a John Piper sermon while sailing, and Bump’s funny music.

Love you all! Good to get home last night, and find everyone watching “Princess Bride”! (Been a long time.)

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