This is really wonderful. Thank you. It comes at a really good time, too. Things at New Hope are coming to a kind of head. That’s good, I’m sure, and necessary. But also challenging. Please pray, everybody, for wisdom for us, and God’s blessing on His church. Keep praying for your wonderful Mom! I try so hard because I’m such a cripple! You’ve always been good and wise!

I love you, Faye, and look forward very much to our eighties, and seventies, and sixties, and the rest of our fifties, and to seeing you in a little bit! I’ll call you about New Hope.

I can’t blame the DMV, folks. I was speeding. I did go down a one-way street the wrong way. I drove for twenty years in a country where the only rule is “drive in the shade.” I’m not there anymore, and have got to pull up my socks. That’s good. And I really enjoyed my bike ride. You can take me tomorrow when it rains. 🙂

Love you!!!


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