We don’t usually talk like this “in public” but sometimes it is just called for and what better “public” to share my thanksgiving for you with than those who also know you on a deep level and can join me in thanking God for you.

I respect you and love you so much. You are a very great and godly man. I am blessed to be your wife.

I couldn’t help crying when I saw you riding off on my bicycle with that little kid’s sky-blue pack on your back pedaling like crazy to avoid troubling any of us to give you a ride, and to inconvenience Mike as little as possible, after getting up this morning and finishing all the dishes on the counter, and repairing the lamp post so we could plant the flowers, instead of time you could have used for many other things including probably part of your devotions, after having stayed up late doing all my dishes for me the night before so I could rest my feet, (Feet that you are always jumping up to serve Motrin to) after having come home from a long day at PHC and facing so kindly and graciously the “surprise” you would rather not have had of the pool being uncovered and needing immediate attention. You took care of the pool, you took care of a hundred other things, and you faithfully did Bible memory with all your children despite all the things you had to get done yourself and despite how tired you were, and you did it all managing to make me feel loved and cared for and almost like a queen…

You are always giving, always serving, always laying yourself down for me and for everybody around you.
You never ask for attention, never seek praise, never grumble or complain.

When you are dealt a raw deal by the DMV and face hardship, challenges, and embarrassment, you do not blame it on them but on yourself and humbly accept the responsibility for it and embrace the lessons God has for you in it. So many of the rest of us would spend our time talking about what a pain it is, how unfair, and how it isn’t really our fault. You spend your time over it in prayer asking God to help you grow and learn from it.

I tremble to think what it will be like when we are in our eighties together if God so blesses. I will be living with a man whose practice of the presence of God gives his face such a radiance that even his scraggly beard will not be able to hide it. I love you, Steve, with the ripe love that only those of us in our fifties can know.


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