Nessa made me read the story of the porcupine over four times. She laughed a belly laugh every time I read, “Where’s my gun?” Then she had us play Talia, Micha and the Porcupine several times this evening. I kept getting shot with a little orange plastic Nemo fish. Finlay, she just asked me to stay alive after being shot so that she could keep shooting me without having to restart the game.

Nessa is also very excite to hear that your pool is opening. šŸ™‚

Those kitten photos are precious. What fun for the girls! Elizabeth, I didn’t realize your visit to the animal shelter had roused such ire. Maybe the mental home would like to take the kittens for the residents to play with?

Isaac, I think the coin made a great choice! I’ve been rooting for Gove City all along. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the video link, too. I look forward to hearing the CD.

After my 12th grade lit class today (where the discussion of some contemporary schools of literary criticism came up) a student sent me a comic (from comics). I figured most of the family would enjoy it.

Literary Criticism Comic

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