A few minutes ago, I was getting ready to put Micah down for his nap. We couldn’t find his Nuk anywhere, and Talia, Micah and I had been searching for it for a while. Talia had suggested that perhaps a porcupine had come along and found it and was chewing on it. So, she kept calling, “Porcupine, we need Micah’s Nukky! The thing you’re chewing on is his Nukky, so please bring it back right away!” And other similar exhortations for the porcupine. Soon we were all calling to the porcupine as we searched. Finally I found the porcupine (and nuk) behind a couch cushion. I said that the porcupine needed a little spanking for taking the nuk and hiding, and not bringing it back when we all called. Talia said she would spank him. As I carried Micah into the kid’s room, I called over my shoulder, “Okay. Just be careful. The problem with spanking porcupines is that you often get poked while you’re doing it.” There followed a few thoughtful moments, and then Talia came hurrying into the kid’s room, asking eagerly, “Where’s my gun?”

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