Isaac, congrats! You must have had some impressive scholarships offered at Cedarville to put it into a similar ballpark price-wise as Grove City. Its exciting that you have a place picked. GC sure sounds like a nice school! And its nice that it isn’t super, super far away from home, and hopefully since you know kids from your area that go to Geneva and Grove City, finding rides home won’t be too hard. I bet it feels good to have that whole application and decision process behind you! I liked your story of choosing by flipping a coin (After you’d done all the thinking and praying about the decision.) Sometimes, I have thought that I was undecided and didn’t have a preference, and so Joel and I would flip a coin, and when the answer appeared, I suddenly realized I did have a preference– for the other choice! 🙂 I can’t remember now any of the actual things we were choosing, but I remember Joel laughing. Isaac, it was cool to see the movie clip too– thanks!

Thanks for putting up the kitten pictures! They’re cute! Are their eyes still closed now, or have they opened since the pictures?

Micah would like to add:


Talia would like to Add: (She is also the selector of colors.)
Talia would also like to say that the kittens are VERY CUTE, and that she is excited to play with Elsie, Elaina, and Nessa at your playground! And she says she is excited to play with your kittens. (I did warn her that its possible you might not have the kittens any more by the time we get there.)

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