They’re so darling! E&E must feel so proud! šŸ™‚

It’s not a good time for me to see a bunch of kittens because I just visited the Harrisburg Humane Society yesterday with a MHS girl, Nessa and Tobias. So many unwanted cats and dogs! Selfish, disgusting people deciding a pet would be fun, amusing and cute, but not willing to make a commitment for the lifetime of the animal. I’m truly not thinking of any of you guys in this tirade, but those kittens just reminded me of the other animals I just saw. At least you guys kill your unwanted pets or find them homes. “Humane” shelters are horrible, horrible places. That sort of thing is what must be for displaced humans, but not for poor animals. We’re different creatures!!!! Please none of you ever dump your pets into the hands of a shelter! God would be displeased at your cruelty and poor stewardship!

Well, after that…what is the plan for your kittens? (I ask in all innocence, without any trace of suspicion, honestly I do!)

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