Cool posts!

Nice pics, Luke! Waytago, Faye! (We sure do know how to relax and enjoy ourselves!) Bit puzzled by the brief outtakes at the end of Elizabeth’s post. 🙂

Yes, Kate, that was our boat. It’s gettin’ there. I’m still learning a lot from Tom McClellan (former owner). The boat is finally fully legal (yay!). That took some doin’ by itself. Two “learning curve” stories:

We were driving along Friday morning. Had only just left maybe ten minutes. Luke and Liesl (from the back of the van): “Hey, Dad! Is the sailboat supposed to be attached to the trailer?” “Um, yes. I’d better stop….” The cable loop connecting the boat to the winch had rusted out.
🙂 (“This is gonna be a long trip” he thought to himself….)

We finally got the boat back on the trailer the day we left. I drove away, and happened to notice out the side mirror a pine branch on the boat. “The mast is still up!!!” We immediately stopped and struck the mast. It had taken out some pretty good size pine branches and I hadn’t even felt anything. Then I looked ahead about a hundred feet down the road–a low hanging electrical wire! I know this shakes your confidence in your captain (it should!), but God really was incredibly good.

The learning curve won’t be that long, Faye!

Love you all! Very friendly visit with your dad last night, Jessica! He and I talked till very late! We agreed to swap email addresses for prayer requests.

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