It was great to hear your account, Mom! 🙂
(Tobin just typed all those periods.)

Jesse and I watched The Chorus (sorry, I should have a link) recently, on recommendation from my parents. We really liked it, and think that you all would enjoy it, too, despite it being French. Upbeat. No nakedness. Cute story. 🙂

Tobin began disobeying me this week. For the past few weeks, it has been obvious that he *fully* understands “no,” “stop,” “don’t do that,” etc. He has been crying whenever told not to do something he shouldn’t be. But he has always obeyed immediately. Well, since returning from vacation, he has started to repeat his little offences instead of stopping them. Oh well, another son of A&E.

Meanwhile, Nessa has just informed me that she is, in fact, a jack-rabbit. A pregnant one at that, of course.

Partial work update/vague references to upcoming changes at the mental home: goodbye glass cutter; hello 600-pound lady.

Happy Earth Day! What is your water imprint?

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