We’re back safe and sound as well now. Nessa and Tobin started out sick, but got better quickly. Elizabeth and Mom stayed home with them during a couple of the days. There were more exciting history exhibits to enjoy around Williamsburg than we could possibly take in. We enjoyed the Folk Art Museum as a whole family and toured Jamestown and Yorktown together on the last day. Many other things had to be tackled in in smaller groups. One of my favorites was hearing a reenactor deliver a sermon by John Camm on true Christian liberty. (Camm was a loyalist and president of William and Mary College.) A bunch of us got to listen to him answer questions (and ask some of our own) for a while afterward as well. He was very good. Dad and I also made it to an Easter morning service at Bruton Parish Episcopal Church where all of Virginia’s founding fathers would have worshipped (as required by law at the time) during the years leading up to the revolution. We all enjoyed touring the church later. The tours are are provided by current church members, so it was interesting to talk about Christianity with both historical and contemporary issues as a backdrop. All but Elizabeth and Nessa got to hear Thomas S. Kidd from Baylor lecture on his upcoming book, A Christian Sparta: Evangelicals, Deists, and the Creation of the American Republic. Elizabeth and Nessa were on a children’s tour of at the folk museum. Tobin and I also made it to more than half of a public audience with Patrick Henry. It was a popular event (despite being early in the morning and outside in the rain), so I didn’t get to ask any questions, but it was fascinating listen in on. Another highlight that most of us were in on was talking to the town’s printer as he operated his press.

The Stockers spent the night here last night and are on the way back up to Maine today. Yesterday, Nessa rode with Joanna and her grandparents and Nathan joined Elizabeth, Tobin and I. We thought about the Hakes as we drove through West Virginia yesterday but decided it would be too much to stop.

We will be praying for all of you, especially the massive egg decorating extravaganza this weekend in WV!

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