Howdy! How was the WV clan’s trip to Chincatique?! (Don’t know how to spell that!) We’ve been thinking of you guys there! Hope you got some great time on the new boat! Jesse and Elizabeth, I hope your vacation has been going well too and has been restful! Kevin and Jessica, I guess your “vacation” is over, and it didn’t sound restful! I hope that you guys are all over your sickness! Joel’s spring break is over now too. We had a good week. A busy one, but a good one.

Yesterday, as Talia and I were working on letter sounds, I tried making the “x” sound. She grinned big with recognition and said, “Oh, that’s just like the “s” sound, except louder.” Last night as we were having Bible time, Micah was playing on the floor with a farm set while Joel told Talia a Bible story of a parable Jesus told about heaven and hell. After the story was over, we heard Micah driving a tractor with a little girl on it away from the farm, calling out, “Bye bye, I’m going to heaven!”

Love you all!

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