Jesse, I just printed out all nine pages of your post to read aloud in the van on the way to Chincateague as our own Good Friday service. Thanks!

Making a giant batch of White Chili for our first vacation dinner and doing a giant load of laundry for our vacation luggage! Daddy is still outside in the driveway with the sailboat. You know he likes something when he is still at it at 11:29 PM. We are looking forward to getting away.

I gave Daddy his captain’s hat today and he loves it! It looks terrific on him! A couple weeks ago I wanted to order it , but didn’t want Daddy to know. I needed to measure his head circumference at 1/8 inch above his ears, to 1/8 inch accuracy. I couldn’t think how I could possibly measure his head that accurately without him wondering why! I had Luke pretend to be doing a bit of scientific, genetic research for biology. Worked like a charm. Daddy was surprised and so happy he cried. (He was tired too. ) Elsie asked if Daddy was going to sleep with his hat on. šŸ™‚

God be with you all.

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