Good reminder for us all, Nessa! I’m so sorry for all your sickness. I pray you will feel better for your vacation. I pray God decides to bless you PA Hakes with an awesome refreshing week of vacation! Please give our love to your family, Elizabeth.

How are you feeling, Katie? Congratulations to Senor Poortenga! We are working on summer plans.

How is your enforced vacation going this week, FL Hakes? I’ve been thinking of you as working on your own old house this week, don’t know if that is really what materialized for you or not. Did you ever get to complete your taxes, Jessica? Grandma Brown was very taken with Odie! Makes me very jealous! I can hardly wait. More pictures on here! Do you guys have NC plans for your enforced May week of vacation or might we see you up here?

We are doing something out of the ordinary for a few days coming up! We have rented a little house on Chincoteague Island , VA whose rental price dropped dramatically due to a sudden cancellation. We are exchanging New Hope church and it’s website-in-progress, homeschool, next year’s anatomy class plans, the rest of this year’s biology, Latin, Violin, piano, economics, saxaphone, math books, PHC, and house repairs, for our Bibles, Dad’s sailboat, the kayacks, and a good book. Leaving 5 AM Friday morning and returning Monday evening. Pray for spiritual, emotional, and physical refreshment and restoration. Wish you all could be with us too.

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