Talia, Micah, and I were looking at our little home video clips on the computer today, and having so much fun seeing them. Talia wanted to put one on the blog for everyone (and especially Nessa, Elaina, and Elsie) to see. I just love how she talks in this little clip! When she first sees the hatches she says, “Dere’s a huge stick to knock wood out.” And my favorite part is how she calls chopping wood “knock out wood.” This was the winter before Micah was born– so Talia was about 18 months.

Nessa, Talia liked your ideas for April Fool’s day Jokes. As soon as I told her about them, she did some funny jokes on Uncle Joel and I– she put a little ball under my pillow and a Potatoe Head Man under her daddy’s pillow! 😀 Talia also wants me to tell you that she put a big, huge teddy bear in Micah’s crib, looking out over the edge at him. Micah liked it alot, and was quite surprised!

And here is a movie clip of Micah (and a bit of Joel) from this past summer that I thought was pretty fun! Looks like Joel was taking the video himself. Unfortunately the quality didn’t come out very well on the blog.

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