Dear Odie:

Your letter about your day made my day! You are a very funny guy!
It’s hard for me to remember what it was like to be a few weeks old. Your (PG 13) description was very insightful. It humbles me to realize how little my perspective in life has changed from when I was your age! Sometimes I get as desperate for a cup of tea as you do for your mom’s milk, and I am about as patient with other people who need to be themselves as you are! It is wonderful how patient God is with us.

I am so thankful that God made you and that you are growing and healthy. I am so thankful that you have the parents you do. What an awesome, giving. loving dad and mom you have! God has been very good to you.

I pray for you everyday. I am VERY anxious to see you! Please tell our mom and dad to keep posting pictures.

Just knowing the six of you grandchildren are there: you, and your big sister Sadie, and Micah, and Tobin, and Nessa, and Talia, and that you all have parents that are wise and loving and committed to teaching you about the one true GOD who made you and loves you and sent Jesus on your behalf makes grandpa and I so happy! It’s a deep thing, hard to explain. It’s a lot bigger than “The circle of life”. It’s a kingdom building. It’s cumulative joys of relationships growing and multiplying.

Odie, I have to confess I brag about you and my five other grandchildren all the time. I don’t know why we grandparents brag, but it seems to be a universal trait of all grandparents. Somehow in this fallen ole’ world having your own babies grow up to have babies of their own that they are caring for and nurturing is something you feel so good about. All six of you seem to grandpa and I like the most wonderful people in the world!

So, thanks Odie, for taking the time to write your old grandma. I can’t wait until you start talking to me all by yourself.

Grandma Pookie

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