I really enjoyed looking over the photos of Talia and Micha just now. Their smiles are both so full of security and joy. Talia is looking so grown up and athletic. She’s not just a little beaming tank. And the one of Micha lining up to do a trick throw with the Frisbee is great. It makes me long for the summer when we can see all of you again.

All of the WV Hakes were so gracious to my 40 guests last night. Mom, the blueberry thing was delicious! I’m all worn out now and should get to bed early. Everyone did have a wonderful time. I heard one student who had been on the Blackfriars Playhouse trip last year remark that he didn’t think anything could beat that. But, he said, this year’s trip was even more fun. They enjoyed Shakespeare more this time around, and I heard an almost constant stream of effervescent chatter about Hake encounters during the hike and rest of the ride home. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the nerve to do that to Dad and Mom again on quite that scale, but evidently the more thinly you spread a Hake the more fun they are. 🙂

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