Odie, you are a clever writer!! At a young age! And you’re as cute as a button in your pictures, and I’m sure even more adorable in real life! We can’t wait to meet you this summer! Kevin and Jessica, when in the summer will you be up north? We are getting ready to make our summer plans! Is it the plan to do a Hake Family reunion right after July 4th? Jesse and Elizabeth, Mom and Dad, do you guys have certain times in the summer that would work better or not work at all for us to come out and visit? We’re hoping to get a feel for what other people’s summer plans might be like so that we can take that into account as we make our plans. Mom and Dad, I’ve heard that you guys are thinking of maybe doing a missions trip as a family– do you have a time in mind for that? Dad, when are the voyages of the sailboat happening? We’d love to get in on that!! Isaac, Becky, what are your summer plans?

Jesse, it was fun to see your name on the very colorful schedule for The Potter’s School. God has worked out the complicated schedules and time changes so that Joel will be able to teach five Spanish courses through The Potter’s School, as well as continuing to teach at ACA. Praise God! We are very thankful and excited about this! Administrators at both schools have been wonderful and helpful. And Joel would be super excited to get to have Luke and Liesl in his class! 😀 Fun!

We are well. And sleepy. 🙂


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