Being reminded of that poem, led me down a memory lane filled with various forms of artwork that made lasting impressions on me for reasons I’m not fully aware of or understand. The second that came to my mind after Ferlinghetti’s poem was a play by Eugene O’Neil, The Emperor Jones. Probably it surfaced because I studied it about the same time I studied Sometime During Eternity. Then I thought of a movie that some of you may enjoy and/or find interesting, but maybe you’ve seen it – Never Cry Wolf, a 1983 adaptation of Farley Mowat’s auotbiographical novel. Although rated PG, it is not suitable for young children. I haven’t seen it for ages, but it stands out in my mind as something apart from most movies. Possibly because I was at some critical point in development at that time; it was about the same time as I saw A Passage to India (1984), which also stands out in my memory; there is something about it that seemed special at the time and has left an impression that hasn’t faded.

So!…I wonder if art appreciation really begins around age 10? Do any of you recall the first paintings, songs, stories, movies, etc. that first moved you? It was at about that same time that I also started enjoying music more intentionally. My earliest childhood memories of music were of my siblings and I choreographing plays to classical music, but around 10 or 11 years old is when I began to notice music on a different level. [Unfortunately?] for me, my genuine music appreciation began with Cyndi Lauper, but quickly progressed and branched out. 🙂 Hmmm. This topic suddenly seems so interesting to me. Luke and Liesl, as the youngest over-10-years-old Hake’s, I’m especially interested in your personal memories of art that moved you and/or stood out for you. Please share!

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