Elizabeth, TPS is The Potter’s School. (It’s pretty bad, when Elizabeth and I are communicating via the blog.) I’m supposed to teach a couple writing classes for them next year too. Will you be a colleague, Joel?

We had our vittle moot today at school. One of the discussions was about the Last Supper by David LaChapelle (from his series “Jesus is my Homeboy”). LaChapelle is a widely successful fashion designer and pop artist (which is by definition garish and tacky) who is known for his over-the-top and often pornographic images. But some of his recent work has taken on religious themes, and his Roman Catholic background and classical training in the visual arts result in some provocative pieces that are worthwhile to talk about (in my opinion). They are cheaply sensational and theologically distorted, but are at least a genuine attempt to respond to the popular image or idea of the Gospel that is out there.

This one made me think about who the disciples were and how they interacted with Christ. Ironically (given the series title), Christ himself is hardly portrayed as one of the “homeboys.” He is more of a bizarre (almost tripped out?) alien intruder but certainly not understood by his disciples at any rate.


This is another piece that I enjoyed looking at. The images of water and light in a church are striking and hit a lot of notes with long reverberations in Western art and Christian imagery. It is clearly not Christian, but is using Christian imagery to try and make some kind of a point about human “spirituality.”


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