Kevin, its really fun that you and Jessica saw this area a bit, and skied at Big Bear!! We are considering trying to do that drive that you guys did this summer (up the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington). We’ll see if that works out or not! We are also then considering driving across a northerly route all the way from lower Western Canada to West Virginia/Pennsylvania so we can visit this summer. Now that we would have to buy four plane tickets, flying is getting to be way out of our price range. We don’t know about Joel’s work for next year yet, and we’ll have to figure that out before we can finalize any summer plans. Figuring out a schedule that works both for TPS and Arrowhead has turned out to be quite an ordeal and we still don’t really have any idea how it will all end up. The administration at Arrowhead have been super supportive and want very much to help make it work out, for which we are very thankful!

I’m glad Orlando is recovering from his eye infection. That doesn’t sound fun! Jessica, I wondered if you ended up trying the Pearl’s daiperless method at all with Odie? If you’ve tried it, I’d be very curious to hear what you thought. Seems like that would be especially hard to do when you’re busy doing tax work! “Sorry, sir, we don’t use daipers, so your tax forms got a little wet and brown…” 😀

A few nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rodent scurrying around the bedroom. Talia’s hamster had escaped his cage. He seemed very relieved to be home again.

Congratulations, Isaac! Any school will be a lucky place to get you!

It would be fun if you could post some pictures of Nessa’s artwork, Jesse! I’m sure Talia would be inspired.

We love you all!

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