Hurray for Bump being accepted everywhere! Not too much of a surprise. I’m confident you’ll do well at school, Otto. Don’t let the finances worry you. The economy will be back on it’s feet when you’re done in a few years and college loans are pretty flexible to pay off.

Hurray for birthdays at Big Bear Lake, too! Jess and I skied there on our West Coast jaunt. Can’t say either of us did much fancy jumping but we did our share of splatting and also had a really good time.

We’re plugging along well down here. Work keeps me busy and Jess is swamped with doing taxes for us (personal, corporation and investment trust) and business and personal for other people also. Odie seems to be finally over a nasty eye infection that started to get better when Jess treated it with breast milk. It’s nice to have him back to his quiet, happy self.

We’re looking forward to our quick NC trip next weekend (at least the being up there, not so much the trip itself). Looks like we’ll see some GA Browns, Adam and Grandma! Anyone else care to join?

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