Its been a busy weekend here at MHS with them celebrating a family weekend. Elizabeth and the kids made it to our church again, and I heard a sermon on thankfulness from the account of the one leper who returned. The Bible was accompanied by a couple contrasting clips from YouTube. (The positive example was the scene from Belle where a blind homeless man asks Nina to describe what she sees around her on the streets of NY.) The pastor pulled off a ringing reminder of the power of gratitude and the tragedy of our own ingratitude in large and small things. But the largest thing was left missing from the picture (unless you made the connection through some of the music that we heard and sang).

Joel, a happy very late birthday to you! Any birthday conversations with Talia to post?

Tobin took a few steps yesterday while pursuing a banana that Elizabeth was holding in front of him. He kept dropping into a crawl only because he knew that he could move faster that way. Nessa and Elizabeth have hit upon a great birthday party theme for his first. We plan to have an “animal party” where we all eat like animals, using no silverware or hands. Nessa has asked several times if we can invite her cousins, aunts and uncles to the party.

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