I was up very early this morning, and Faye came stumbling down shortly after four. “Why don’t we do a big birthday breakfast thing for E & E? Could you run to Walmart and get a helium tank, pinata, …. ?” So a few moments later I was on my way.

We did a Curious George theme, and wondered if we could float one of the stuffed versions with the helium baloons like in the movie E & E love. We ended up taking out the stuffing from both body and head, inserting baloons in both cavities, and inflating with helium. He also had six or eight baloons in each hand and was standing on tiptoes. When E & E came down and saw him, we took the three or four baloons that had been on the steps to lead them down and attached them to Curious. Luke finally snipped a lose end off a white ribbon/string and he floated gently off the ground and hovered, perfectly balanced! E & E, needless to say, were totally surprised and thrilled with the whole thing–Luke’s pictures no doubt coming soon!

(Their first wrapped gift was also their main course–Fruit Loops!)

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