We had one inch of snow in Harrisburg, which melted within a day. It was light and fluffy – useless for anything fun. This winter has been a bust as far as snow goes here. There was literally only one snow that you could make anything out of, and that was just an inch, so we’re talking mini snowmen. I would be more and more concerned about global warming, except Maine had another winter this year getting dumped with tons of snow. At least Florida and California are warm or warmish for much of the winter. Harrisburg is just cold or coldish and grayish brown. Pitiful place to winter. No wonder there are so many deer!

K & J – are you guys heading straight to the farm or will you be this way at all? What are the dates? We would love to meet Orlando and all his beautiful, dark hair!

Hmmm. The “news” I read online lately usually consists of simple ideas for “going green.” I’m not talking about installing bamboo flooring and windmills, but of doing things like using washcloths instead of toilet paper, washable pads instead of disposable feminine pads, hankies instead of tissues, etc. 🙂 First, I think we’d have to get a new washing machine with a “sanitize” option. Ours will break eventually, and then I would like to take the plunge. But Nessa and I so love paper for crafting with. We will always be doing something unnecessary that adds to the landfill. Some studies on diapers, however, concluded that washing cloth diapers are worse for the environment than disposable diapers. So I am confused about the best course of action. Wash or toss? It is a domestic dilemma that lurks in the back of my mind, preventing me from ever feeling completely at ease. 🙂

As a spoiled U.S. citizen and child of the ’80s, I cannot yet understand the implications of the current economic climate. Having no money actually lessens its impact on us directly, but I feel like there is a huge disaster right outside my window that I am somehow just not noticing.

In front of me on the desk here is a solar-powered calculator. I have a vague feeling that it holds the answers to lots of problems in the world. Harnessing solar power to its full potential. To 75% of its potential. Why aren’t I typing on a computer powered by solar energy? I suppose it must be difficult, but it seems like it would not be.

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