I’m glad someone is finding some amusing news in this rather bleak news-scape. I only listen to music on the radio anymore and am increasingly grateful not to have a TV.

Did all of you get snow up north? We want to see some pictures! Jess’s brother and his family went to Grey Havens and took some pictures of the 12 inches of snow and went sledding. Hopefully by the time we’re up there the end of March meeting the GA Browns and Adam things will have turned lambish again.

Jess and I are doing well. Odie continues to eat and poop pretty much all day and all night. We think he’s already back to and exceeding his birth weight. Jess has had some good help with Sadie from our small group and her family so Sadie’s had a good time and Jess has been able to focus on Odie and on resting. She’s feeling pretty good now.

Happy birthday, Elsie and Elaina! We wish we could be up there to help you celebrate!

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