Talia was looking at my plate of food tonight, wondering what “icky” stuff I was eating. I told her that none of our food is icky, and I’m very glad to be eating the delicious food God gave me. Talia paused a moment, and remembering a Bible time story about the siege of Samaria, asked, “are you eating a donkey head?”

The subject was dropped for a few minutes, until the subject of dessert came up. I told her she needed to have a little more healthy food before she could have her dessert. Here is the transcript of the rest of the conversation…

Talia: Maybe I could eat donkey meat, and then have a popsicle. Donkeys are yummy, and healthy!
Joel: Where would we find donkey meat?
Talia: Maybe at Food-For-Less.
Joel: Do you think they have donkey meat there? Or are the donkeys still alive?
Talia: Yes.
Joel: And how would we get it home? Would we put it in your car seat?
Talia: We could put it in the space by our feet beneath our car seats.
Joel: Ok. It must be a small donkey.
Talia: Yep
Joel: And when we get it home, how will we get it in the house? Will it try to run away?
Talia: Maybe we can get some sticks, and just push it in the house really quick, then we’ll slam the door and lock it.
Joel: And what will we do with the donkey in our house?
Talia: It will still have fur on it. How will we chop it up?
Joel: And it will be alive.
Talia: Maybe we could use a knife and a fork and a spoon. We will have to find a sharp spoon.
Joel: Then do we need to cook it?
Talia: No, it’s already good.
Joel: Oh, ok. So we just eat it, then we can have dessert?
Talia: Yes.
Joel: Do we need to eat the whole thing? Donkeys are pretty big. I don’t know if I could eat a whole one.
Talia: Micah could. We just need to eat one bite each.
Joel: Oh. Ok.
Talia: Then, when we were finished, we could go get a horse!
Joel: What? Where will we get a horse? I don’t think they have those at Food-for-Less.
Talia: I think… I saw one at a certain flower store. But it’s far away.

Fun to see those poems, Jesse–thanks

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