The Nessa quote was just a random sleep-talking line from the start of a dream I suppose. I didn’t get it myself but thought it was a cute couple of phrases to bouncing through her head as she fell asleep.

It is fun to think of Mom staying with that old “nemesis,” Dr. Matt the Democrat. We are praying for Isaac and Jessica.

Dad, Charlie was certainly a big part of it. Four years of his sermons left a strong impression regarding the weight and purpose of the Bible as a massive multi-layered lesson in where God has put us and what He has made us into as His people. And of course that got me reading theologians like Vos and Kline. And all that sinks its roots into the deep bed of Bible knowledge and love that you and Mom laid down for me. It is a rich heritage and one that has taught me that my most important heritage all took place before I was born. I have so much to be thankful for.

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