Don’t get it about the sisters as Nessa was falling asleep. Umph?

Really enjoy these rich biblical-theological reflections, Jesse! All those years being taught by Charlie Dennison???

Sent Mom and Isaac north and west yesterday after another yummy Thai meal in Frederick. Odd to talk to Faye last night on her cell phone in Dr. Matt’s Bed and Breakfast! She was gearing up for a night of Latin while Isaac hung out with Johnny Kromer in a Geneva dorm. Brought back memories for sure! Isaac’s big Grove City interview this afternoon at four. Please pray! Cedarville and Grove City have much stronger computer science programs than Geneva. We’ll have to see what the finances look like. Hard times! Pray for Jane and Stephen this week. Not easy for anybody!

First saw Macy’s yesterday for a few moments, and Becky behind a cash register. Pray for her and Kevin!

And we are all, I am sure, praying like crazy for Odie to come “safe and soon”! Thinking about you, Jessica!

God is good. Gotta go. Time for “Bible Books” with Luke and Liesl. They, too, are wonderful kids.

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