Elizabeth bought a used copy of the Kite Runner for us the other day so we will be able to start that together.

We never got back about the family reunion dates. We don’t know what our summer schedule will be like yet as far as work, but the week of July 4th is typically a good week to ask for some time off in any case, so that would be a fine time for us to plan on it this year as far as we are concerned.

We had lunch with the Chens this afternoon. They are a couple from Taiwan that attend our church. We made jo-tzes together. I didn’t buy enough skins, so we ordered a little Chinese food to supplement. They were very gracious and we all had a good time despite the mix up. The jo-tzes that we did make were definitely a big hit. They said that they had never made the filling by themselves before, thought it was delicious and asked for Faye Mama’s recipe.

Our sermon this morning was from Jeremiah 27. “Bow your neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon; serve him and his people, and you will live.” Under God’s direction, the prophet delivers this message to Israel and her allies with graphic visual aids (even intensifying the message in chapter 28 after a false prophet breaks the yokes by saying that God will replace the wooden yokes they broke with iron ones) and then delivers God’s promise in chapter 30 to finally break the yoke legitimately.

It got me thinking about the king of Babylon as a type for this world’s ringleader, Satan. The first Adam transferred his allegiances as priest-king over all creation from God to Satan and placed the entire earth under the dominion of the chief God-hater. God, for his part, handed the entire earth over to Satan as part of the just punishment that we deserved and (by God’s grace and good design) part of the plan by which the cosmos would be redeemed and recreated through the second Adam. God uses Satan in his plan of redemption just as he used the kings of those nations that oppressed Israel in order to restore His people. Christ is the ultimate example of perfect submission to the yoke of Satan. By serving His time under Satan’s yoke, Christ restored His people to their proper status as priest-kings (Revelation 5:10, 20:6 and many other passages) over a new creation where we reign alongside our brother, the second Adam. We are called to imitate Old Testament Israel and Christ by enduring willingly the bitter service that is owed to Satan. We bear the same cross and curse. Serving Babylon brought Daniel and his friends (think of Nehemiah, Ester, etc. as well) grief upon grief, but God counted it all as service unto Himself. In the end, and by means of this necessary service to Babylon, God redeemed them (and many Babylonians as well) from Babylon.

Thank God that we now bear the yoke of Christ which is easy rather than hard. And thank God that Christ came down and bore the yoke of Satan perfectly and fully for us so that we might not have to remain under that yoke forever. It is because Christ bore that yoke and it is because Christ has placed his own gentle yoke upon our necks that we are able to bend our necks for a little longer “under the yoke of the king of Babylon” so that we “will live.”

It would take a while to give a full exegetical defense and play out all the passages and ramifications involved here, but I think the basic typological layers are on solid ground and worth sketching out.

Oh yeah, our pastor stuck a copy of Piper’s sermon on the recession (the same one Mom linked to a couple days ago) in our church bulletin this week.

When I put Nessa to bed a little while ago, she fell asleep while I was singing to her and said as I climbed out of bed, “Daddy, I know they are sisters. I saw them both in church.”

We have been praying for Jessica and Odie and were sorry to hear about the long hard day in the hospital. I wish that Kevin’s work would be more flexible.

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